Our Medical Practice


Dr. McRostie, OMD, ND, treats patients according to their individual requirements in restoring normal health. His extensive training and experience allows him to incorporate from the following methodologies:

Applied Kinesiology

Manual neurologic evaluation with differentiation between the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, which assists in defining appropriate treatment.


Interpretation of laboratory analysis from the perspective of metabolic function in the body; interpretation of symptomology and evaluation of patient's condition with appropriate direction for further testing to facilitate diagnosis.

Injection Therapy

Connective tissue trauma and regeneration, neural therapy, and vascular therapy.

Manual Medicine

Muscular skeletal injury, orthopedic treatment, visceral and autonomic adjustment.

Molecular Intervention

Functional analysis and administration of nutriceuticals, herbal medicine, and glandular extracts.

Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and herbal injection therapies.

Our other services

Physician Education

Nutritional Guidance

Educational Lectures