What patients are saying

"I have had many health problems for the last 10 years and I have been to several mainstream doctors as well as several alternative doctors. It was not until I saw Dr. McRostie that I finally got relief from my symptoms. His use and understanding of molecular chemistry made all the difference. He helped to correct the chemistry in my body so that my body could heal itself. I could actually feel the results and the changes occurring as I was laying on the treatment table! I think his philosophy and treatment methods are brilliant and effective." Victoria Johnson

"I developed very intense shoulder pain. Since I had not injured myself I had no idea what was causing it. My medical doctor was unable to help me get any relief. I also tried acupuncture treatments. While helpful, my pain still didn't go away. Thankfully, a friend referred me to Dr. McRostie. Within the 45 minutes of my first visit, he told me my gall bladder was actually the cause of the pain in my shoulder. He recommended nutritional supplements to treat my gall bladder and within days the pain in my shoulder was completely gone. Dr. McRostie's amazing understanding of the body as a whole, and his unique ability to recognise and treat the actual cause of symptoms, makes him unparalleled in the medical field." Mary Anne Germain

"I was having severe back pain, taking pain medication regularly in order to continue my work as a farrier. I flew out from Texas to see Dr. McRostie. I got unbelievable relief. My internal medicine doctor thought the results would be impossible to attain but an x-ray of my back showed proof of increased space between the discs.

My mother also went to see Dr. McRostie for her diabetes. He worked with her to get her pancreas to work and within two visits she was able to stop taking her diabetes medicines. Her blood tests after she stopped her medications were so good that her regular doctor was surprised when she told him that she was no longer taking them."

"I think there is nothing Dr. McRostie can't do. I think he is the smartest medical man I ever met. He fixes bodies. I absolutely believe in him 110 percent." Keith Kelley

"So you have done it again. ... showing off your amazing Mr. Genius skills. Here I was complaining because I didn't see any notable difference with the program and my hemorrhoids... however your program must have been doing something major inside because I just found out I am finally pregnant after almost a year of trying!! I can't thank you enough. We are so excited. Thank you so much for your willingness to help and for your amazing vast amount of knowledge. It is so hard for you to be so far away and I cannot find any other doctor that I trust. Sorry to say, but nobody can come close to you. I am just grateful we found you and that emails can still somehow connect us." Lori, USA