Dr McRostie's Bliss Ball recipe

When we crave something sweet we are often lacking in sufficient dietary proteins or vitamin C foods from fresh fruits and vegetables. For an occasional treat the 'bliss ball' is a healthy sugar free option:

1 spoon of raw nut butter, almond is good but different ones will provide a different base flavour, coconut is very exotic, peanuts are a pulse and need to be roasted. Do not use nut butters with palm or other oil added. Natural nut butters tend to separate, just stir them up (or grind your own), then mix in raw sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans et cetera as desired. Add some dried chopped apricots, or currants, cherries, pineapple, or other dried tart fruit that has not been treated with sulphur dioxide.

Add 1 spoon pure cocoa powder and mix to a consistency thick enough to roll into balls. If you need a thickener you could also add a non denatured and unsweetened whey protein powder in the base, but try increasing the solid ingredients. Roll the balls in some dried coconut and you have a protein treat that is a great replacement for a sweet. The raw nuts and seeds provide protein and essential fatty acids often lacking in our modern diets. By varying the mix you can develop quite a variety. These proved very popular when I was studying and paid my way through a year of college back in the last century, but they are very rich and moderation is relevant to prevent digestive problems.

Sample Mediterranean Diet

Breakfast: oats raw or cooked from scratch with walnuts and plain yogurt, fresh fruit.

Snack: an orange, 2 handfuls of raw sunflower seeds

Lunch: lentil and spinach soup (add the spinach in at the last minute; cook until just wilted), cucumber and tomato salad with olive oil and cider vinegar dressing with rosemary, oregano and black pepper, whole grain bread with olive oil. (Most prepared salad dressings have sugar and trans-fats and glutamate)

Snack: 2 oz cheese with an apple

Tea: pasta al dente with tomato, peppers, parmesan, fish and olive oil; lettuce and rocket salad with olives; 1-2 glasses (not more) of red wine; baked fruit with cinnamon, nutmeg etc.

Beverages are water and tea.