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EWG is rethinking cancer prevention. Traditional initiatives that aim to prevent cancer have largely ignored the role of toxic substances in the environment. We will inform and empower you with tips and tools to help stop cancer before it starts. See their pesticides in food and household products list.

The Pollution in People More than 1,400 chemicals and chemical groups are known or likely carcinogens. Through industrial applications, consumer products and food, water and air, Americans are exposed daily to these cancer-causing compounds, which invade the body and build up in blood and urine. Federal health officials have measured many of these chemicals in our systems but the scope and range of carcinogenic pollution in people, known as body burden, has not been tallied – until now. Read more.

Medichecks Health screening and blood testing services built around you. We provide health screening and blood testing services with over 1200 blood tests, urine tests and health checks, assessed by accredited laboratories and with discreet, secure online test results and same day blood tests available in London.

EM Radiation Research Trust Alerting political leaders to the dangers of wireless technology (PDF)

The Daily Telegraph, 15th November 2013. Statin dangers could outweigh the benefits for low-risk patients. Read more

Dr. Wahls' TEDx Talk on Overcoming MS On November 11th, Dr. Wahls was part of the TEDx conference in Iowa City, She used the Paleo diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.

The health risks of trans fats (aka trans-fatty acids):From: The Journal of American Dietetic Association 2010: “A 2% absolute increase in energy intake from trans fat has been associated with a 23% increase in cardiovascular risk.” For alternative snacks and treats see our recipes page.

The Fifth Wave: Report compiled by Andrew Lyon of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and members of the Healthy Public Policy Network (HPPN). A contribution to further understanding about Scotland's health. To view click here (PDF)