Dr. McRostie

About Dr. G.P. McRostie, OMD.,ND, ICAK, AAPM, AFMCP*

Oriental Medical Doctor
Naturopathic Physician, Diplomate in Pain Management

In 2009, Dr. McRostie*, Oriental Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Physician, Diplomate in Pain Medicine, Fellow member of The Royal Society of Medicine, relocated his practice from New Mexico to Scotland. Currently resident in New Mexico, he continues what is now over 30 years of clinical research in healthcare that is focused on restoring the natural metabolism and physiology of health, rather than the conventional approach of disease management.

Dr. McRostie is expert in a range of therapeutic modalities encompassing the fields of acupuncture and injection therapies, applied kinesiology, orthopedics, functional medicine, oriental medicine, herbal and nutrient intervention, all applied from the perspective of promoting healthy biology via modulation of molecular activity.

Drawing on his extensive, comprehensive training and experience in the United States, Mexico, and China with these numerous therapies, Dr. McRostie developed an innovative paradigm based on therapeutic molecular intervention, which has demonstrated excellent long-term results in the regeneration of collagen tissues.

In service to his patients, the practice combines proven Asian medical models with modern molecular chemistry research, with the goal of restoring normal biologic metabolism in patients experiencing a variety of intractable health issues, many of whom have exhausted conventional standards of care without success.

The practice files demonstrate diverse medical conditions that have been helped by Dr. McRostie's treatment approach based on analysis of molecular and neurologic function, and intervention designed to re-establish physiologic and biologic metabolism resulting in health.

He affirms, "In modern medicine we know enough about how the body works that simply by supporting what normally should be happening in its regular functioning, I have seen people get better from all kinds of injuries and illness that they have been told is commonly impossible to even treat. In over three decades of practice, I have observed that when providing the patient with the tools of knowledge, they can develop and more importantly sustain, an intelligent coherent asymptomatic picture of health".

"Then with the information derived from my analysis of in vivo molecular chemical function, together we can evolve a working program which restores normal metabolic function, and permits a return to health. Seeing that success for an individual struggling with a life limited by their physical body is why I entered the medical field in the first place, more than 40 years ago."

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* Not a registered medical practitioner

* Oriental Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, International College of Applied Kinesiology, American Academy of Pain Management, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice