Albion Biologic Limited, Scotland

Comprehensive Natural Medicine

At Albion Biologic, we offer an entirely unique kind of health care. Our founder and resident physician, Dr. G. P. McRostie*, coined the term "molecular health care" to describe his methodology for treating patients on the cutting edge of medicine and science today. 

At Albion Biologic, we are absolutely committed to providing you with the tools and treatments you need to get well.  Additionally, we strive to provide the kind of personal attention and service that will help make your journey to wellness one of self-discovery and joy.

Your body knows its way back to health. We trust that deep knowing to guide us as we develop and implement your personalized treatment plans and care.

Our Philosophy of Care

Chronic disease is biochemical, emotional, and spiritual in its manifestation. Today, most people understand that emotional disturbances can lead to physical illness. After many years of study and experience, Dr. McRostie knows that physical illness can also give rise to emotional disturbances. With this knowledge, he helps his patients understand all facets of their health and treatment options. His comprehensive approach to natural medicine addresses his patients concerns on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. 

Our human bodies are naturally designed to restore their biologic metabolism and heal damaged tissues. At Albion Biologic, we focus on supporting those normal biologic functions to restore the body's natural state of health. We have successfully treated cardiovascular diseases, neurologic diseases, immune diseases, psychiatric diseases, and the regeneration of ligament structures; including joint tears and intervertebral disc disease and injury. We have applied this methodology to visceral and glandular diseases, eliminating the need for kidney, liver, and heart valve transplant surgeries. We also have been successful at reversing ocular degenerative disease and macular disease.

Rather than treating disease, we treat the patient by re-establishing normal molecular and genomic functions. Nature then takes its course and healing can take place. 

Dr. G. P. McRostie, OMD, ND, ICAK, AAPM, AFMCP
*Not a registered medical practitioner.

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Last updated: February 19th, 2021